All Dodge symbols (1910-today)

HeadquartersAuburn Hills, Michigan,
United States
Founder John Francis Dodge and
Horace Elgin Dodge
Parent Chrysler
Owner Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Slogan “Domestic. Not Domesticated”
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Review Dodge cars currently include
the lower-priced badge
variants of Chrysler-badged
automobiles as well as
performance vehicles, though
for much of its existence Dodge
was Chrysler’s mid-priced
brand above Plymouth


Dodge is one of the earliest American automotive brand names, developed in 1900 as Dodge Brothers Company. In the beginning, Horace Elgin Dodge and John Francis Dodge provided automotive parts for various car manufacturers in Detroit, but developed into an independent vehicle manufacturer by 1915. However, an unexpected twist of fate altered everything when both siblings died of pneumonia in 1920 and the company had a hard time running the business effectively.

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In 1928 it was offered to Chrysler and has been part of the huge vehicle manufacturer ever since. For most of its history Dodge has been associated with trucks, business automobiles and large passenger cars. The company survived through the 1973 oil crisis and went on to produce trucks, minivans, efficiency vehicles, and family cars, sharing platforms with Chrysler. In 2011, after parent company had declared bankruptcy and had been sold to FIAT, Dodge went through a significant reorganization and was separated from Ram department and SRT performance studio.

History of Dodge symbols

Through its long history and depending on the model and vehicle function, Dodge has used various logo designs that had little in common.Trucks, passenger automobiles and efficiency auto typically held various Dodge emblems on grills.

DB (1910-1914)

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The first logo of Dodge – DB

The first dodge symbol included overlapping D and B letters for Dodge Brothers. The earlier variations saw that symbols letters painted gold and ingrained into what seemed to be a bearing or a simple circle with a black background.

Six-Pointed Star (1914-1938)

Six-Pointed Star

When the Dodge siblings, Horace and John, built their first car in 1914, their last touch was a small enamel badge on the radiator with their company Dodge logo: a circle with 2 interlocking triangles forming a six-pointed star in the middle. An interlocked “DB” was at the center of the star and the words “Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles” encircled the outside edge. Although similar to the Star of David, the Dodge bros were not Jewish. The “Brothers” was dropped from the name for trucks in 1929 and cars in 1930, the DB star remained in the cars until the 1939 models were introduced.

Dodge Ram (1930s)

рам 41

For 1932, Dodge automobiles embraced a leaping ram as the vehicle’s hood accessory. Beginning with the 1940 designs the jumping ram became more streamlined and by 1951 just the head, complete with curving horns, remained. The 1954 model vehicles were the last to use the ram’s head before the rebirth in the 1980s. Dodge ram truck logo was the hood accessory for the 1940 model year with the 1950 models as the last.

Crest (1940s)

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For 1941, Dodge presented a crest, supposedly the Dodge family one. The style had four horizontal bars broken in the middle by one vertical bar with an “O” in the center. A knight’s head appeared at the top of the symbol. Although the head would be dropped for 1955, the Dodge emblem would survive through 1957 and come back on the 1976 Aspen. The knight’s head without the crest would be used for 1959 and crest through to 1981 on its second time around, being replaced by the Pentastar for 1982.

Forward Look (1955-1962)

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Forward Look

After the Dodge family crest was used between 1941-1957, Virgil Exner designed Dodge’s “Forward Look” logo: 2 overlapping boomerang shapes that symbolized development and forward motion. The style was greatly influenced by rocket innovation and was named after the redesign project being used on the Chrysler Corporation’s automobiles.

Fratzog (1962-1981)


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From 1962 to 1981, the Dodge symbol had a colorful internal label: it was called a fratzog. If you’re wondering what that word indicates (it sounds German, doesn’t it?), it’s totally meaningless. A Dodge designer comprised the whimsical name. Three arrow shapes pointed inward to form a three-sided star.

Pentastar (1982-1992)

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For years, Dodge embraced Chrysler’s Pentastar logo design on its cars, which had been used for corporate identification because of 1962. To separate itself, Dodge’s logos were red, while Chrysler symbols were blue.

Dodge Ram logo (1993-2010)

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Dodge Ram symbol 

Dodge reestablished the ram’s head hood ornament on the brand-new 1973 Dodge Bighorn heavy duty tractor systems. Gradually the ram’s head started appearing on the pickup trucks as Dodge began to describe their trucks as Ram. Next version of the Ram’s- head logo design appeared in 1993, standardizing on that logo in 1996 for all cars except the Viper, which uses the Viper’s Head.

New Dodge logo design (2010-?)

New Dodge logo

Given that takeover by FIAT Dodge has been going through major restructuring and in 2011 was divided into numerous brand names. Ram went on to utilize the ram’s head as a symbol, while Dodge’s marketing professionals came up with another logo design.

The present Dodge symbol features several shades of silver and red colors. The Dodge inscription is all silver but has a light hue on top and dark, or rather grey, at the bottom. It means splendor, dignity and elegance. The two inclined stripes at the right side of the logo are painted red to signify passion and excitement, connected with the business’s vehicles. The new logo was unveiled in late May 2010.

New Dodge logo

The Dodge engraving is rendered in a personalized font style that reflects the brand name’s effective character. The letters are flattened and stretched horizontally to consider that strong appearance. The two red stripes at the right side of the logo overlap the letter ‘E’ and are tilted from the left lower side to the ideal upper side.

Dodge slogan

Iconic Dodge slogans:

– 1920s–1967. Dependability, The Dependables

– 1968–1969. Dodge Fever

– Late 1960s. Dodge White Hat Specials

– 1970–1971 You Could be Dodge Material

– 1980. The Pride is Back

– 1982–1989. An American Revolution

– 1992–2000. The New Dodge

– 2000–2001. Dodge. Different

– 2001–2007. Grab Life By The Horns

– 2007 – mid-June 2010. Grab life

– 2010–present. Never neutral

– 2010–present, Ram Truck division. Guts. Glory. Ram.

– 2014, commemorating Dodge’s 100-year anniversary. Wisdom

– 2014–present. Born Dodge

– 2016–present. Domestic. Not Domesticated.


Jeep slogan

And some jeep slogans:

– Have fun out there

– The sun never sets on the mighty jeep

– Jeep. There is only one

– Only in a Jeep

– If it’s not trail rated, it’s not a Jeep 4×4

– The Toughest 4-letter Word on Wheels

– Wild as you are

And also jeep slogans by drivers:

– Sure you can go fast, but I can go anywhere

– Don’t follow me. You won’t make it

– I may get lost. But I never get stuck

– It’s a Jeep thing…you wouldn’t understand…

– No roads no problems.

– You might be fast, but how fast will you be with me parked on top of you?

– Jeeps don’t leak, they mark their territory

Each of the company’s logos and slogans was unique in their own way. The brands certainly aren’t finished with redesigning their symbol, so expect to see several more modifications over the next few years. And maybe Chrysler logos, too.

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