Do Jeep Grand Cherokees Last Long Or Not?


Do Jeep Grand Cherokees Last Long Or Not?

Best jeep models is amongst the most preferred American-made vehicles, and the Grand Cherokee has long been in the marketplace. This mid-size SUV carries out well on- as well as off-road while having a luxurious looking interior, but some proprietors have reported very early troubles with a few of its parts, leading most to question for how long do Jeep Grand Cherokees last. That is, specifically considering that there is a growing number of second-hand Grand Cherokees sold today.

So, how long do Jeep Grand Cherokees last? As compared to any other vehicle (cars like jeep wranglers, for example) the life-span of the Grand Cherokee depends upon its design year or engine type plus just how you utilize and exactly how well you keep it. That said, according to most users, the Grand Cherokee has an ordinary maximum lifespan of two decades.

Nonetheless, not even if the Jeep Grand Cherokee can last up to twenty years, it doesn’t imply it is constantly secure to acquire a made use of a unit that is less than twenty years old. You need to likewise take into consideration the gas mileage, as well as among the major aspects that impact its performance and also long life, which is upkeep. Because of this, let’s find out the number of miles you can get out of the Grand Cherokee and identify whether it is a great auto to acquire.

The Number Of Miles Can You Get Out of a Jeep Cherokee?

Whether you’re intending to get a new or made use of Jeep Grand Cherokee generations, it is wise to understand the ordinary optimum gas mileage you can leave it. In this manner, you understand you’re purchasing a car and truck that will last you as much as you need and want it. Do note, however, that the mileage is not the sole basis of buying a car and truck, yet simply among the essential points to think about.

With all those in mind, just like the typical life expectancy of the Grand Cherokee, the ordinary optimal miles that the unit can execute well relies on the version year. Here are a few of the mileage, where the auto still works fine, shared by the majority of users and specialist auto-mechanics:

 1994 Grand Cherokee214,149
 1995 Grand Cherokee117,328 and 246,000
 1995 Grand Cherokee Limited295,000
 1996 Grand Cherokee Laredo190,000
 1997 Grand Cherokee150,000, 230,000, and 282,000
 1999 Grand Cherokee150,000
 2000 Grand Cherokee Limited114,000 and 294,000
 2001 Grand Cherokee WJ130,000
 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo150,000
 2002 Grand Cherokee Laredo Sport278,000
 2011 Grand Cherokee300,000


Taking a look at the information over, we can claim that a Jeep Grand Cherokee can offer you approximately 300,000 miles of use. Some of the most expensive Jeep can get to more than 300K. Nonetheless, experts suggest that it is best to purchase a Grand Cherokee that has less than 300,000 gas mileage. Furthermore, note that the provided numbers do not define whether these units have been maintained well or not, along with what repair work has been done.

Considering that maintenance is a top consider extending the life of your Grand Cherokee and for it to do well despite high mileage, comprehending its maintenance and repair demands is crucial.

Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair

As compared to the best jeep wrangler model and other mid-size SUVs, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has an average maintenance cost, which is around USD666. The frequency of unscheduled fixing and also the extent of troubles are also of the average, which is 0.3 times annually and also 13%, respectively. Keeping that in mind, right here is the advised maintenance schedule for Grand Cherokee maintenance:

  • — 7,500 Miles: Your new Grand Cherokee’s very first maintenance timetable will be when it gets to 7,500 gas mileage analysis, which is approximately after 6 months of normal usage. This consists of altering the oil as well as filter, along with tire turning, if the footsteps are uneven currently.
  • — 15,000 Miles: The 15K mark would most likely be reached when you have utilized your Grand Cherokee for a year. Throughout this duration, the same upkeep treatments as the very first one will be done, plus brake pad checks and/or modifications.
  • — 30,000 Miles: At around two years of use, the Jeep Grand Cherokee could have worn-out tires already, so they would require replacement. Both cabin air and engine air filters plus the timing as well as driving belts, as well as the spark plug, must likewise be replaced. Your auto-mechanic would certainly additionally eliminate as well as transform your Cherokee’s transmission liquid, engine coolant, and differential fluid. All hoses will certainly additionally be checked for possible leakages to identify if they need to be transformed also.
  • — 90,000 Miles: Reaching this mileage, included upkeep procedures are the replacement of shock absorbers and also tubes, particularly the engine coolant hose pipe. It’s also important for buying used Jeeps.

The upkeep schedule offered above is just a guide for car like Jeep The car dealership will give you an upkeep schedule overview covered by the cars and truck’s warranty. As such, it is best to have your Grand Cherokee preserved in their supplied or authorized service facilities.

Are Jeep Grand Cherokees Reliable Cars?

With the high typical mileage capability, feasible prolonged life expectancy, and average maintenance and repair needs, is the Grand Cherokee a good lorry to buy? It is, but, naturally, like various other automobiles out there, it does feature problems. There were times when the Grand Cherokee has been remembered.

Typical Grand Cherokee Problems

Eventually, your Grand Cherokee will encounter problems when made use of consistently as well as when not regularly kept. However, some problems will come before the others, and below the leading 5 reported by repair work centers, auto-mechanics, and customers:

1. Front Brake Blades Warping

The front brake rotors generally warp as a result of warmth. When this takes place, you would really feel or observe vibrations in the guiding wheel and also pedal when you appeal your Cherokee’s brake pedal. That boosts quitting distance, making your flight uneasy and risky.

The only service to this issue is to get rid of the deformed blades and also changed them with brand-new ones. Better yet, set up high-performing and also warp-resistant rotors.

2. Entirely Integrated Power Module (TIPM) Failure

Usually discovered on more recent Grand Cherokee designs, TIPM is accountable for managing a lot of the automobile’s electrical systems such as the lights, ETC, gas pump, and also power home windows. For this, you require to remove the old component as well as transform it.

3. Non-Functional Power Window

A malfunctioning power home window, especially the vehicle driver seat’s window, troubles most Grand Cherokee owner’s experience. This does not indicate though that problems with both rears as well as front windows do not take place; it does, however it is less typical. If the TIPM is not the issue, it would certainly either be the power home window electric motor or seating bracket. To resolve, just replace the problematic component.

4. Imprecise Thermostat

The thermostat is an essential part of your Grand Cherokee or any vehicle because it assists you establish the temperature your engine is currently at. With such details, you can avoid engine overheat, which, when takes place, comes to be a costly problem. The good thing is that the check engine light will certainly illuminate if there is a problem with the thermostat. Also, changing the thermostat is not costly, as well as the part is very easy to discover.

5. Keyless Remote and Ignition System Signal Combination Loss

Newer versions of Grand Cherokee come with a keyless remote entrance that works well with the device’s ignition system. Some customers, though, have experienced shedding the assimilation between the two, and also this is normally as a result of a digital WCM (wireless control module) failing. Hence, to address this issue, replace the WCM.

Grand Cherokee Recalls

From 1993 to 2017, there were 226 recalls of Grand Cherokee designs. Some of the typical problems for the recall are:

  • — electric, such as vanity light shortage, loosened tow hook brace, and also alternator failure;
  • — gas system, including gas rail tube damages as well as fuel line separation;
  • — inaccurate brake booster shield setup;
  • — also supercharger brace problem.

Remaining in the market because 1993, the variety of times the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been remembered is not something to fret about. The advantage is that the supplier was likewise quick to remember the units.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee is an SUV perfect for individuals that want and needs a vehicle for daily use in addition to for outside journeys. To make it a much more comfortable trip, it is best to add a personalized fit safety seat cover (Examine rate on Amazon).

Though the Grand Cherokee comes with issues, they are not made complex and also costly to fix. Also, you truly will not locate an excellent vehicle or one that has no problem in any way. What’s exceptional about this version is that it can last longer as well as can function great even when its gas mileage is high. Make sure to keep an eye on the upkeep routine and have it fixed by trustworthy auto-mechanics.

If you intend to get a Grand Cherokee, you can pick from 5 different trim levels. These consist of Upland, Laredo, Laredo E, Limited, and also Limited X. For those that want a brand-new unit and also can wait for a few months, you would certainly be happy to recognize that the supplier will release a revamped Grand Cherokee late 2020, as well as will be Jeep’s 2021 model.

Jeep Name Registry

Jeep names you ask? Sure! We have created this web page to log Jeeper Anonymous Club Members who have called their trusty horse (a term used freely). Take satisfaction in the Jeep you have functioned so difficultly to develop and with the practice of lots of Jeepers anywhere, «name» it something distinct and descriptive to the personality of the Jeep or its chauffeur. Have fun with it and also don’t take it too individual if there are duplicate names. So for those wanting to discover their very own one-of-a-kind name for their rig, we developed this listing to assist you to do simply that.

Member:Jeep Name:
Cale SherwoodSchooner
Sommer SherwoodEngerland
Matt and Brittney SakmaryRed Rover
John and Sharla PointerCruella
Bob and Jaime ClinePigPen 2.0
Jeff KubiakNugget
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Stephen HamptonEl Dorado
Chad & Jimmy MaplethorpeDrtykid
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Chris LaneGold Member
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Cindy Kinzey WillsFireball
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Why are jeeps so unreliable for drivers:

We can also write are Jeep Wranglers reliable cars or is Jeep American made, if you want, of course.

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