Kia pickup truck: to be or not to be

Drivers like Kia because their cars are trusted, fairly-priced, and packed with basic features! Nevertheless, we hear a growing number of our next-door neighbors asking, “Does Kia make a truck?” Although Leland and Carolina Beach pickup motorists have constantly had to look somewhere else, we now understand that a new Kia pickup truck is already in advancement!

Kia truck

We’re still unsure if it will pertain to the U.S., but we ‘d love to share what we understand so far.

Is There or Isn’t There Going to be a Kia Truck?


Without any more statement from Kia, it’s simple to dismiss the momentum of the Kia truck report as absolutely nothing more than a fantasy for drivers who desire a small, high-value Kia pickup truck that would certainly be loaded with tech and have an industry-best warranty.

Nevertheless, we still believe there are a lot of good factors for Kia to establish one. Amongst them:

  • – With gas prices being low and fuel economy increasing for big lorries, demand is higher-than-ever for pickup.
  • – Smaller pickups are removing with the new Ford Ranger joining the market and a Volkswagen design revealed for next year.
  • – All of Kia’s Japanese competitors make one.
  • – The majority of Kia’s foreign competition in this field would be over $30,000 beginning MSRP. This would allow Kia to do what they’ve always done best – offer more for less.
  • – Kia already has a platform for it with the 2020 Kia Telluride and it’s 5000 pounds. of towing.

A New Kia Pickup Truck?

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For years, Kia has manufactured the Kia Bongo cab over truck for industrial use in South Korea. It has also constructed and previewed several various Kia pickup trucks, including the Kia Mohave Truck (KCV-4 Idea), and the Kia Soul’ Ster– built on the very same platform as the popular subcompact SUV.

None of these Kia pickup trucks have ever been offered to the typical U.S. customer, however that hasn’t stopped the enjoyment from the structure. If you have been paying attention, you’ve most likely heard dozens of rumors about the new Kia pickup truck. Take a look at the highlights from the past few years:

  • – Speculation began to install 2015 when Hyundai launched its Santa Cruz pickup concept.
  • – Since Kia is a sister company to Hyundai, many thought that Kia would release their unibody pickup design shortly.
  • – Although that minute never arrived, more rumors would circulate when the upgraded Kia Mohave SUV was previewed earlier this year in Seoul.
  • – Plenty of folks thought that the Mohave SUV might make an excellent platform for a Kia pickup truck. When the new Kia Telluride was announced, the very same ideas circulated in a somewhat modified form.

More than Rumor: A New Kia Truck in Advancement


Kia Bongo 3 2013 2017 compressor

All these reports are now being brushed to the side because we finally have confirmation that a real Kia pickup truck is in advancement. According to the Chief Operating Officer of Kia Motors in Australia, Kia will begin to offer a brand-new pickup truck as early as 2022 or 2023.

The same source tells us that the brand-new Kia pickup truck will not be a unibody design, as expected. Instead, it will include a body-on-frame design and offer dual-cab and single-cab configurations. It will even offer both diesel and gas-powered powertrain choices!

Does Kia have a truck that will interest U.S. drivers? It’s too soon to tell if or when it will go on sale near Carolina Beach or Jacksonville, however, we understand that a lot of our next-door neighbors would like to get behind the wheel of a brand-new Kia pickup truck like this.

Trucks vs cars (Pros & Cons)

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All of us know that buying an automobile can be an overwhelming task. Aside from having a plethora of choices readily available on the marketplace, there’s a varied selection of types such as pickups, SUVs, sedans, coupes, compact, and sub-compact. It’s no wonder individuals are having a tough time deciding on a car that fits their wants and needs. If you take place to be in the decision-making phase concerning buying a car or truck, you need to continue reading.

Our objective in this post is to assist you with a few of the pros and cons of both automobiles and trucks to help in figuring out the vehicle that completely fits your lifestyle.

Truly a comparison of apples and oranges, where trucks are normally bigger and provide several functions that vehicles do not and cars and trucks being smaller, more compact and fuel-efficient. Trucks are a great alternative for people who take pleasure in off-roading and who do a great deal of carrying and/or hauling. Cars and trucks, on the other hand, are more suitable for individuals who are trying to find daily traveling and fuel efficiency. As we touched on above, there are a variety of brand names offered. They vary in shape, size, type, and all having different trim levels which in turn uses various choices and features.



  • – Power. 9 times out of 10, the main factors individuals acquire a truck instead of an automobile is because of the engine. Trucks, also Marty Mcfly truck, are more powerful compared to automobiles. The fuel economy of a truck might not be the greatest, however, when you remain in the motorist’s seat and step on the gas pedal, you feel the power and it’s just fantastic.
  • – Transporting. This is a big aspect as to why pickups are different than any other lorry. As I make certain you already understand, the whole back of the truck is made up of what’s referred to as a bed or box. It’s normally flat and accessed quickly to carry all types of items and products of various weights and sizes. Example: wood, leading soil, gravel, furnishings, and appliances, among others. An automobile can’t do that.
  • – Toughness. Hands down the most long-lasting lorry on the road. Because they are built to be rugged, the box is deliberately separated from the taxi to enable more flex in the chassis, therefore permitting trucks to tow, pull and transport easily.
  • – Towing. If you require to pull a boat, trailer, camper, or other cars, then your best bet is a truck They can do it quite quickly. They are a rugged and strong piece of machinery built for work.


  • – Maneuverability. Due to their size compared to vehicles, it can sometimes be difficult to maneuver.
  • – Fuel Economy. Even though there have been breakthroughs in the effort to decrease fuel usage in trucks, they are still not nearly as efficient as automobiles are.
  • – Expenditure. More times than not, trucks cost more to acquire than automobiles, and maintenance expenses over their lifetime are normally higher for a truck. Transmissions, axles, and drivelines cost more to replace or fix.



  • – Drivability. This one is pretty simple. Vehicles are much easier to drive in the city compared to trucks. Low ground clearance combined with their general size provides automobiles the edge in this category.
  • – Fuel Economy. If gas mileage matters to you, then there can be nothing much better than a car and truck. Pickup generally comes equipped with bigger engines that consume a lot of gas. Where automobiles can give 30 to 40 MPG in the city, trucks can hardly give 20 to 25 MPG.
  • – Total Amount. Because there are numerous alternatives when buying an automobile as compared to trucks, there is a much better chance of getting a bargain.
  • Parking. As Plain and easy, cars are simpler to park. Considering that trucks are larger, you’re most likely to fit an automobile in spots that trucks can’t.


  • – Presence. Being lower to the ground, the motorists view is more quickly obstructed. Add that to the truth there are more blind spots in an automobile and you have a visibility problem.
  • – Area. Even though a vehicle might have some cargo area when it pertains to a location to load up stuff, trucks take first place. Certainly no contrast here.
  • – Towing. Due to smaller sized engines and limited torque, automobiles are normally not developed to handle the rigors of pulling excessive behind them. Given that trucks are constructed for power, it simply makes sense that they can tow more than cars and trucks.

In the end, choosing in between an automobile or truck depends upon your personal choices. If you are searching for a household vehicle, it may be better to go with a full-sized sedan. However, if you are searching for something more effective which can provide convenience on off-road trips while hauling and hauling, a Back to the Future toyota truck is probably your finest alternative.

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